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Engine Lab specializes in remanufacturing the highest quality engines available for automotive, performance, marine, and industrial uses.   All work is done on-site at our remanufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida. Our ASE Certified Machinists build each engine to OEM Specifications. 

A rebuilt engine is one that has been remanufactured and restored to quality standards using precision machining
procedures and parts designed and manufactured for a particular engine application. 


Frequently, the quality of a rebuilt engine exceeds that of the engine that was installed as original equipment.  The procedures for remanufacturing an engine are numerous, extensive and thorough; involving cleaning, machining and installing new and reconditioned components.

Certified ASE

install our long
blocks, adding new
life to your vehicle.

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  • Resurfacing heads/blocks
  • Precision power honing of cylinders using diamond stones
  • Refacing valves and seats
  • Grinding and polishing crankshaft journals
  • Reconditioning and resizing connecting rods
  • Thermal cleaning & inspecting
  • Align Honing cylinder heads & blocks

We Provide Complete
Engine Machine Service on
Crankshafts, Blocks,
Connecting Rods, Engine
Assembly & Sim-Testing.

Long Block Parts Replaced
  • Pistons
  • Rod Bearings
  • Rings
  • Main/Crankshaft Bearings
  • Positive Valve Stem Seals
  • Timing Chain/Belt
  • Timing Gears
  • Valve Keepers
  • Expansion Plugs
  • Free Plugs
  • Oil Pump**
  • Seals
  • Camshaft**
  • Lifters**
  • Gasket Set
  • Cam Bearings

    **Except some roller and foreign applications
Core Castings Re-machined
  • Thermal cleaning (baking) to 750-800 degrees
  • Magnetic inspection or pressure tested for cracks
  • Blocks are precision power honed to OEM specifications
  • Three-angle performance valve job on cylinder heads
  • Bronze valve liners installed in cylinder heads
  • Crankshaft reground to OEM specifications and polished
  • Connecting rods are checked for straightness, resized, precision honed, and polished to OEM specs

Cylinder Head Redonditioning

The following is our procedure for reconditioning cylinder heads:

  • Heads are disassembled
    and thoroughly cleaned
  • All valves, springs, keepers,
    and retainers are cleaned
  • Spring pressure is checked
    by a mechanical tester against
    OEM specifications
  • Wear checked by micrometer
  • Warp checked
  • Margin checked
  • Stem end refaced
  • Valve Face precision ground
  • Overall length equalized


  • Valve stem heights checked and set
  • Assembled to OEM specifications
  • Mechanical check for leakage on valves and seats
Cylinder Head
  • Surface straightness checked
  • Magnetic particle or pressure tested
  • Guides checked for wear
  • Seats checked and precision cut to proper width and angle
  • Studs checked for damage and proper heights
  • Precision resurfaced
  • Cleaned again prior to reassembly
Other Services Performed
  • Crack Repair
  • Valve Seats Installed
  • Spring Pocket Enlarging
  • Overhead Cam Align Boring
  • Helicoils Installed
  • Studs Removed/Installed
  • Spring Heights/ Pressures Set
  • Aluminum Head Heat Straightening
  • Valve Guides Installed
  • Resurfacing
  • Porting and Polishing
  • Install Larger Valves

Our Final System Check

In addition to all the vital
mechanical and remachining
processes performed on your
Remanufactured Long Block, we
also inspect the follow systems:
  • Cooling System
  • Starting System
  • Ignition System
  • Fueling System
  • EGR System (Exhaust Gas
  • PCV System (Positive Crankcase Ventilation)
  • Computer System
We Wouldn't Do It Any Other Way!  Trust Engine Lab to Get You Back on the Street!

We perform these important inspections so that when we install one of our Remanufactured Long Blocks, you can be sure that it will last! Additional parts may be required depending on particular engine designs and specifications.

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